Gaby Possible


One decision on a dreary winter morning changed the course of my career forever!

Fighting through artist’s block was never my strong suit until I learned how to let go of expectations. On this morning, I found myself yearning to explore color and faces through my own perspective.

I began a daily challenge in which I’d confront a blank page every morning with watercolors and a portrait of someone I admired. On day 8 of my challenge, my portraits garnered the attention of Elizabeth Gilbert (pictured below left), author of “Big Magic”, who shared my work with her fans!

As if THAT wasn’t exciting enough, Julie Hosler a Narrative Strategist and founder of “The Strategic Space” discovered me through Gilbert’s post! She asked if I wanted to attend her upcoming retreat in Isola Santa Cristina, Italy, in exchange for some artwork.

Are you kidding? One week, on a private island, IN ITALY?! I couldn’t have said yes any sooner! The experience was nothing short of pure magic. Ever since, I have been pursuing my art, my joy, and my curiosities with more clarity and intention than ever before. I am truly grateful.

Below are some of the portraits of my challenge, photos from the retreat, and a video I created detailing the experience. Enjoy!

“Why You Need to Try”

Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by Gabriella Guzman